Monday, July 28, 2008

It seems like weeks, but in fact only a few days have passed. The surgery went well, it went quickly. My hospital stay, while event filled, was brief. I am, indeed, writing this from home. By Friday afternoon I was out of intensive care and into my own room, thanks to the amazing care of some nurses. We should all have that much love to give. I went from blacking out the 1st time I tried to sit up to walking down the hall way in a day, and by Saturday afternoon I was home. I am thankful for the company I had before the surgery and the friendly faces I saw that evening. It was the difference between hope and fear, humor and sadness. Now it's about taking walks, building strength, being patient. I won't know the results of the biopsy until the end of the week, but if anyone wants to take a slow walk in the woods until then, Im game. Scott


pjm said...

How is it that you can have intense surgery and still look so good? I'm glad you're home. You're in my thoughts big guy

Margriet said...

Wow, speedy delivery over there! Good work! We miss you over here at JEPS and look forward to visiting. I'll call you after 10. hugs. mw