Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hodgkin's Lymphoma, described in 1832 by Thomas Hodgkins, was one of the first cancers to be cured by first radiation therapy and then Chemotherapy. The Mayo clinic gives a 95% survival rate for the first 5 years if the cancer is caught early enough, 60-70% for advanced stages (like the formation of tumors). Wickipedia quotes survival rates of 90% while reminding you that the 6th edition of THE HANDBBOK OF CHEMOTHERAPY warns not to lose sight of the fact that 20-25% of patients die of the disease. Go figure.
Well, anyway, its official. The surgery seemed like a climax but the real story is in the biopsy. I have cancer.

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Anne Senter said...

Hi Scott, I found you. It was good to see you this past week (twice, no less, thanks to Deb and Doug). It sucks that you have been diagnosed with cancer. I'll check your blog regularly and step up to help if I can. Take good care, my friend.