Thursday, July 3, 2008

Monday, July 14th
Hello,  I must apologize for not writing sooner. It's as
if Ive farted and left the room, and the blame on someone else to bear. What do I say? By this time I thought I would know what 
to tell you, and by this time you would already know what that is.
Two biopsies, multiple acronymic scans and countless blood tests later and none of us knows what story to tell. It may not even be cancer,  but "fibrosing
mediastinitis": thats science for "tumor of unknown origin growing in the center of your chest".
     So I've been living life as before. The fevers have left and no other symptoms have shown themselves. I run, I hike, I eat lots of food, I gain weight, I yell at crappy drivers that almost run down pedestrians! ..and I wait. Next week Ill be undergoing a more intrusive biopsy, a "thoracotomy", otherwise known as surgery. It seems pretty serious- at least it will leave me knocked up in bed for a month with a serious dose of pain (and lets not forget the catheter).
     I just wanted to let you know where things stand, and what to expect... i.e. I will be in want of entertainment, be you a poet, an artist, a musician, a storyteller, a magician, a maker of bad jokes, a bearer of DVDs, or a just silly someone who cares, I will be calling you to come entertain me in the coming weeks. My surgery is Thursday, July 24th- I will be in the hospital for 3 or 4 days and then home in bed. Im bad at planning ahead, but in the next week I will try to post more information about visiting me in the hospital, when and where Ill be and how and who to contact to learn more. So stay tuned my friends, the sun rises everyday... Scott

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gillian said...

Hi Darlin',

Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring words. Reading your post makes me appreciate your calm strength, and your ability to see the quirkiness that is life. I can't be in SF with you, but I'll certainly call you and read to you. How do you feel about "Breakfast at Tiffany's"? OR something by Michael Pollan? Your choice.

Love Love Love